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NEET Chapterwise Exam Paper Analysis

Chapter Analytics

Chapter Analytics Gives Statistics about Various Topics of a Chapter from which Questions are Asked in the NEET Exam on the Basis of Previous 20 Years NEET Exam Papers.

The Deep Dive Analysis of the Chapter Analytics Helps the Students to Know the Relative Importance of Various Topics in a Chapter and Focus on the More Important ones and Learn their Critical Aspects .

The Overall Objective of Chapter Analytics is to Improve the Performance of the Students by Giving Direction to their Studies and Making the Preparation Exam Oriented.

Total Questions Asked in the Exam From a Chapter in Respective Years
Chapters from where More Questions are Likely to be Asked in the Exam
Chapter Topics with High Chance of Occurrence in Exam

Concept Tests

Chapter Tests Covers Questions on all the Topics in a Chapter. It Contains all Types of Questions as Per Exam Pattern Based on Research of Previous 20 Years Exam Papers.

150 Plus Chapter Tests in all and Two Unit Tests for Each Chapter
Deepens the Level of Understanding and Makes the Preparation Complete.
Student can Get Detailed Analysis Report Along with the Solutions after Completing the Test

Adaptive Learning

Computer Algorthim to Orchestrate Interaction with the Learner and Deliver Customised Resources and Learning Activities to Address the Unique Needs of Each Learner.

Increased Engagement and Improved Performance
100 Thousand Plus MCQsfor Practice
High Retention and Assured Growth in Learning

Chapters Test

Through Chapter Test, Student can Check for a Specific Responses to a Particular Set of Inputs in the Chapter. Also, it Consists of all Types of MCQs as per Exams Patterns.

150 Plus Chapter Tests in all and Two Unit Tests for each Chapter
Deepens the Understanding and Enhances Preparation Level of each Chapter
Student Gets Detailed Analysis Report after Completing the Test

Practice MCQs

The Practice MCQs Section Provides Sufficient Number of Adaptive and Smart Question to the Learner. The Students can Practice Large Number of Questions of all the Topics and Difficulty Levels.

100 Plus Practice MCQs for all Chapters
150 Plus Quality Questions in each Practice Mcq
Taxonomy Based Difficulty Levels and Detailed Solution of Each Question
Access to Theory Related to Question and Analysis of Each Question.

Error Bank

The Error Bank Stocks all the Errors Committed by a Student at any Point of Time at One Place. It Contains Elaborated List of all the Questions which are Committed Wrong or Skipped by the Student Date-wise as Well as Chapter-wise. The Skip Section in the Error Bank Keeps a Track of Weak Topics of a Student. Frequently Visiting Error Bank will Strengthen Weak Topics and Boost Confidence of the Students. Error Analysis Gives Subject-wise List of all the Chapters, Topics and Subtopics in which a Student has Committed Mistake.

Highlights Careless Mistakes and Inaccurate Guesses
Identifies and Eliminates Weak Topics
Time-Based Inefficiencie

Mock Tests

Mock Tests are Ideal Testing Ground for Complete Understanding of the Subject. It Helps the Students in Revising Important Chapters and Retaining Difficult Concepts of the Entire Syllabus Before the Exam. It Covers Complete Subject and Topics.

Ten Mock Tests for Exam Readiness
Solution and Detailed Analysis Report after Completing the Test
Analysing Weaknesses and Time Management

Previous-years Questions

Archive Tests Contains Previous Years Exam Questions (Chapter-wise and Year-wise) Along with Analytics. Solving the Previous Years Questions Help the Students to Make Their Strategy for the Final Exam to Perform Better by Focussing More on those Concepts which are Asked Repeatedly in the Exam.

Previous Years Exam Papers with Detailed Solutions and Analysis.
Subject-wise and Chapter-wise Analytics
Taxonomy Based Difficulty Levels and Ideal Time to Solve the Questions

Create Your Own Test

Creating Tests for Self is the Highest Level of Understanding as Per Bloom Taxonomy (Scientific Research Methodology on which Exam Praxis Content is Built). Once The Learner has Completed the Syllabus According to the Exam Praxis Curriculum the Student can Prepare Conceptwise or Subjectwise Customised Tests to Enhance Learning.

Students Have Freedom to Create Own Test Based on Exam Pattern
Create Personalised Test for Better Understanding
Helps Students in Improving Intellectual Learning

Flash Cards

Flashcards are hands-down the most effective way for motivated learners to study and retain factual knowledge, especially when they are used smartly.

Learn on the Go
Important Formulae for Ready Reference
Important Concepts for Last Minute Revision

Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports is Specific Tool on the Exampraxis Platform. It Gives a Clear Picture to Students about Speed, Accuracy, Time Management, and Attempt Strategy so that Students can Review their Progress and Direction of Studies.

Daily Time Spent On Studies
Recent Activities and Progress Report
Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses