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JEE Advanced Mock Test 2022

Mock Tests

Mock Tests are Ideal Testing Ground for Complete Understanding of the Subject. It Helps the Students in Revising Important Chapters and Retaining Difficult Concepts of the Entire Syllabus Before the Exam. It Covers Complete Subject and Topics.

Twenty Mock Tests for Exam Readiness
Solution and Detailed Analysis Report after Completing the Test
Analysing Weaknesses and Time Management

Online Mock Test For JEE Advanced

Exampraxis offers an online mock Test for JEE Advanced to help students understand the JEE Advanced 2022 exam layout. The high-quality JEE Advanced exam practice tests are formulated by subject matter experts after carefully reviewing last year's trends.

Regular practice and revision with high quality practice tests will help you achieve greater conceptual clarity and therefore a better score. Taking mock tests online will help you test your understanding and identify areas for improvement. This can help you analyse your test results and find areas for improvement.

Encourages you to understand the structure of the exam, speed it up, increase accuracy, and reduce negative marks by taking JEE Advanced sample papers online. This improves student performance on the exam, which is how the free online JEE Advanced test improves their score on the JEE Advanced exam. They have the same difficulty level, format, structure, scoring scheme, and timing as the actual JEE Advanced test. The exam is the only medical entrance exam in India so the standards and difficulty level of the exam are high.

Candidates intending to take the exam must complete the JEE Advanced program for the exam. The exam can be a little overwhelming for the many candidates that show up. To help candidates prepare, the Exampraxis also provides an opportunity to take the JEE Advanced test online.

If you try to pass at least 15-16 tests in the last month, the JEE Advanced 2022 exam will be held, as this will restore the entire exam schedule. Before taking the JEE Advanced 2022 exam, every student should review the Online mock test for JEE Advanced Papers 2022 series as it gives a rough overview of how prepared you are for the exam and how much extra hard work you need to do to pass the exam. You see, there is no specific answer to this question as it varies from graduate student to graduate student, however, the student should start trying the JEE Advanced 2022 practice tests as soon as they cover half of the JEE Advanced 2022 exam schedule.

The JEE Advanced 2022 simulated online tests also put pressure on students equivalent to the real exam, students who often try mock tests can familiarise themselves with this pressure and be able to handle this pressure, which is very important in the exam room. As a general rule, we do not change exam schedules and templates very often, but students need to review exam templates and try the JEE Advanced 2022 mock test thoroughly so that they are aware of the latest JEE Advanced exam template. The layout of the upcoming JEE Advanced Entrance Exam, grade distribution, difficulty levels, etc. All of these important things have been taken into account when designing these Mock 2022 tests. Important exams are moving online and the entire layout needs to be understood.

According to JEE Advanced experts and toppers, the best time to start solving mock tests is when you have completed at least 50% of the program. Dummy tests for JEE Advanced are effective resources for assessing readiness because they offer different metrics and help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of test takers. In order to get those outstanding exam scores, they need a proper plan and a regular self-assessment habit, which can be done easily with the JEE Advanced Practice Test for Medical Exams.

Following these instructions, just in case you also have to face the real exam, take the JEE Advanced free online test and the JEE Advanced 2022 crash course for the exam before trying the real one. You can score 180 out of 180 in JEE Advanced by using the right textbooks, studying hard, and taking a few practice tests. Practice harder and get more opportunities to achieve a higher position in the JEE Advanced 2022 exam.

Exampraxis is one of the best JEE Advanced exam preparation app offering comprehensive study materials in all subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, online simulated tests, sample MCQ documents, CBSE for exam 2022, question sheets JEE Advanced for the previous year with solutions, online test series, templates, NCERT books, additional preparation books.

The questions asked in practice tests are carefully reviewed and prepared according to previous years' trends and designs across various sections, chapters, as well as various concepts that may be more likely on the JEE Advanced UG exam. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology JEE Advanced test series available here are prepared by experts in the field.

Important Considerations When Taking Online Mock Test for JEE Advanced

Complete a range of practice tests. JEE Advanced Mock examinations include questions of varied difficulty levels. Students will improve their understanding of ideas by taking a lot of practice examinations.

When you've finished at least half of your coursework, start taking mock tests. This way, you won't be perplexed if some questions are unfamiliar. This will give you more confidence as you continue to prepare.

Students are required to complete a minimum of two mock tests every month at first. However, as they do more of their coursework and exams, this figure should rise.

Students must practise presenting a minimum of 10-12 mock examinations in the month leading up to the exam.

Students must thoroughly examine their performance after each mock test and strive to do better in the next one.

JEE Advanced Examination Pattern

Students must be familiar with the newest JEE Advanced exam pattern before taking the Online Mock Test for JEE Advanced . The JEE Advanced examination pattern is shown in the table below:

Particulars Details
Pattern of Examination Pen and paper-based
Duration of Examination 3 hours
Total Number of Questions 180 Questions
Sections Physics – 45 Questions
Chemistry – 45 Questions
Biology – 90 Questions
Marking Scheme +4 marks for each correct answer
-1 mark for each wrong answer
0 mark for each unanswered question
Maximum JEE Advanced 2021 Marks 720 marks
Aggregate score calculation For every answer that is given correctly, the marks are multiplied by 4.
The total number of incorrect answers is multiplied by 1


What is the ideal time to start solving JEE Advanced mock tests?

The optimal time to begin solving practice examinations, according to JEE Advanced experts and toppers, is when you have completed at least half of the course. Solving JEE Advanced practice exams at this stage will also build your confidence because you will be able to attempt 45–50% of the question paper at this time.

Are JEE Advanced mock tests enough for cracking the exam?

This is a no-answer question. Because JEE Advanced is India's only medical admission exam, the exam's standards and difficulty level are high. Candidates who want to pass the exam must study the JEE Advanced syllabus. JEE Advanced mock exams are a part of the preparation, and if a candidate wants to pass the exam, he or she must also complete the other portions.

What should be the frequency of solving JEE Advanced mock tests?

In a month, beginners should complete at least two JEE Advanced mock examinations. Increase the frequency as the exam date approaches. In the month leading up to the exam, the candidate must complete at least eight JEE Advanced practice examinations.