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NEET 2023 -Do's & Don'ts For NEET

Do's & Don'ts For NEET 2023

NEET 2023 -Do's & Don'ts For NEET

Students preparing for the National Eligibility Cumulation Entrance Test (NEET) in 2023 should be aware of the do's and don'ts. This will assist them in properly preparing for the NEET and avoiding frequent blunders that might lead to major consequences.

Candidates must familiarise themselves with the NEET exam pattern in order to be well-versed in it.

The first step is to figure out what your NEET exam's syllabus is. It is suggested that you should have the NCERT at your fingertips. You will also need to engage in some other sort of preparation in order to better understand the many aspects of each course such as NEET guide or choosing the best NEET online coaching allows you to study at your own speed and spend as much or as little time as you choose on different topics.


1. Divide your syllabus:

So far, the NEET syllabus has been extensive and complex. You can't afford to squander time studying outside of the syllabus during this limited time frame. Visit the official NEET website to have a comprehensive picture of the full syllabus.

Because the syllabus is so large, break it down into manageable chunks/chapters that you can study in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Make a timeline:

Once you've grasped the curriculum, make a plan to fulfill it by establishing realistic deadlines. Consider how much time you'll need to complete practice questions, daily routine activities, and breaks. Setting a deadline that is both realistic and not too flexible can help you keep to it. Make adjustments as you go to better suit your preparation style. The timeline acts as a plan, indicating what you should study and what you should skip. Read the syllabus and pattern carefully, then make a schedule based on your time constraints.

3. Get back on track if you fall off the wagon:

Life occurs, and you may find yourself straying from your plan. That's absolutely OK. Keep in mind that if you keep going, you will succeed. Exam preparation can be stressful, but don't let that stop you from getting up, dusting yourself off, and getting to work.

4. Practice, Practice, and Practice!

The most important thing is to continuously practice and revisit topics you've learned in order to avoid forgetting them. Every day, set aside a small period of time to review everything you learned the day before. Every week, do a longer revising session as well.

5. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind:

Most students who spend time away from home get sick and waste a lot of time. So make sure you eat well and exercise on a regular basis.

6. Stay relaxed:

It is critical to maintain a calm demeanor throughout your exam preparation and, especially, on exam day. Your year of preparation will be put to the test for three hours, and you should not waste it due to worry and pressure. When you're feeling pressured, take a break and try to answer all of the questions on the page.

7. Do prepare your own notes:

Because the competitive exam's material is so large, pupils may forget what they've learned. As a result, keep a tidy notepad and try to jot down all of the key topics in your own words or in the language you are most comfortable with. Using a marker, jot down all of the shortcut approaches and highlight the most often asked and significant questions on the exam. Writing once is always preferable to reading 10 times.

8. Mock Tests:

You should start giving Mock tests after you've completed 90% of the syllabus. The capacity to solve problems, be accurate, manage time, concentrate, and think analytically improves as the mock test progresses. Attend as many mock examinations as you can to perfect your skills, and treat each one as if it were the final NEET exam.


1. Don’t evaluate yourself in comparison to others:

When studying for a competitive exam, it's impossible not to compare yourself to others. While it's important to be aware of your surroundings, concentrate on your assets. It's best to avoid comparing your academic success to that of your peers. Everyone has a different studying strategy, and your friend may be faster or slower than you in completing the curriculum.

2. Don’t avoid recreation:

You'll burn yourself out if you don't allow time for your body and mind to unwind. So, to de-stress, take brief breaks throughout the day. That break could be better spent away from screens, as they tend to exhaust our minds even more. Try getting some exercise to help you stay active and produce endorphins in your body. And, given you're studying for the NEET, you're probably already aware of how critical this is.

3. Avoid procrastination:

Allowing deadlines to slip by and piles of work to accumulate will not lead to success. It's critical to meet deadlines and keep to the road map/study plan you've prepared. Setting and achieving daily, weekly, and monthly goals is one method to make the most of your time. Prioritizing work and eliminating activities that are no longer necessary are two practical ways to avoid wasting time.

4. Don’t allow your doubts to fester:

Resolve all of your doubts as they arise. Keep a list of typical errors you make and how to fix them. This will allow you to focus your revision efforts on your weak concepts rather than the full course.

5. Don’t keep things for last minute:

Although making last-minute preparations can help you remember crucial formulas and concepts, there's a danger you'll forget what you've learned. As a result, avoid studying any new topics on or before the exam day. Only go through the main concepts and formulas needed to solve numerical issues again.

6. Don’t lose faith in your abilities:

This can be helpful in every difficult situation in life. You may feel burdened by the problem's difficulties, but still never lose faith in yourself. Dedication, hard work, and the appropriate skill set will undoubtedly assist you in passing the exam with flying colours.

7. Don’t be a Robot:

Preparing for NEET and sticking to your daily routine does not imply that you don't have a life or that you can't be truly happy throughout these two years. Don't act like a robot. Relaxing with friends and spending quality time together is a great way to clear your thoughts, listen to music, do what you enjoy, and most importantly, pursue your passion.

Finally, remember what Aristotle said: "Well begun is half done." You're halfway there, my buddy, if you start a methodical approach of addressing all subjects with the correct books to guide you and an online NEET preparation programme.

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Good luck, and get to work!